Heat Recovery

A heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV) or Mechanical Ventilation (MVHR) is an energy efficient controlled and balanced ventilation system. It extracts the moist, stale air from all the wet rooms in your house and replaces it with clean, filtered, fresh, recovered warm air to all your habitable rooms and bedrooms without letting the heat escape.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems provide controlled ventilation with slow but constant air movements. Therefore it is recommended to install such systems only in properties with relatively good air tightness

Basically, an extractor fan pulls the musty air hanging around your home into the internal ductwork of your building or unit; the fan then pushes such air through a cross-flow or counter-flow heat exchanger  which recovers around 60-70% of the heat that would otherwise be lost in standard trickle air vents. This leaves you with a warmer, well-heated home that has a continual fresh air supply.

Shean Mechanical has about 7 years’ experience installing HRV and associated duct work. Our most common make of heat recovery units would be a Vent-axia or Brookvent.

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